Jacinta Studios FAQ

What does a session with you look like?

Portrait sessions are a mixture of posed portraiture and lifestyle photography. However, the entire purpose of photography is to capture emotion and authentic moments between you and your loved ones. Whether that’s a crying toddler, a screaming baby or a surly teenager, these moments are authentic and exactly how your child was right at that moment. So, don’t worry if the children run amok. That’s real! So many of my clients have fallen in love with these natural moments because those photos tell a story. And after all, isn’t that what family photography is all about?

When is the best time to book?

Family/portrait/fine art sessions: “As soon as possible,” Jacinta Studios fills very quickly especially through the busy seasons of autumn and spring. The more time you give yourself to prepare for your session the better. At Jacinta Studios we will guide you through each step of your portrait session, your outfit choices, location, and over all style we are going for. The earlier you book your session the more time we have to perfect the overall outcome.

For newborn sessions Jacinta Studios advise booking in as early as possible preferable before baby is born “During your second trimester we advise is best.” Jacinta Studios diary fills very fast so the earlier the better, we don’t like having to turn expecting Mum’s away when our diary is full.

If you are ready to get the ball rolling click the link here and we will be in touch!

Where will our family photos be taken?

This is one of the steps Jacinta Studios FAQ. On our pre-consultation. We will go through what locations best suit your family. Does your family love walks in the bushland/forest? Maybe you guys love the beach, you may love walking the streets of Melbourne and your regular weekend outings are checking out the newest cafes through one of Melbourne’s many lane ways.

Are you thrill seekers and wish to capture that through a lifestyle family session at Luna Park! Or maybe your family home is where it’s at, capturing your family in a laid back lifestyle approach baking a cake, tickling session on the couch etc. The options are endless. We will work with you to help you decide the best possible location for your family.

Where will our newborn photos be taken?

Newborn sessions are held at Jacinta Studios, located in Hillside Melbourne just 24km North-West from Melbourne

What do we bring to a studio session?

Jacinta Studios if filled with many unique props, wraps, tiebacks, and hats to give you plenty of options when it comes to styling your session.
The only thing you may wish to bring with you to your newborn/baby/portrait session is an heirloom item, like a blanket Grandma made or had when she was a newborn, If you are bringing your children for a photography session make sure you bring with you one of their favourite toys so they feel at ease. If older siblings will be joining you for the start of your newborn session, we advise having their favourite colouring book on hand for when we are settling your newborn ready for their family portraits.
Make sure you bring plenty of snacks for yourself during your newborn session as you will be with us for around 3 hours. We have the coffee covered!

What do we bring to a location session?

When it comes to family sessions, we advise having on hand snacks and water for the little ones, make sure these aren’t messy snacks “avoid anything with colouring” as these can stain those gorgeous clothes you have organised for your session, wipes is a must for any mishaps, and you may like to bring an second option of clothing to change in too.

How long does a photoshoot go for?

It is very important to take our time with your precious new arrival, so we allow up to 3 hours during our newborn sessions this time includes family photos with parents and siblings and providing your baby is settled, each newborn session includes three stylised set-ups in your choice of a box, bed, bowl or bucket prop. Jacinta Studios will collaborate with you before the session to establish your choice of colours, style and preferred props.
Each family session lasts around 1 to 1.5 hours and the session will be a relaxed and fun-filled afternoon for the whole family. I love connecting with my clients and I’ll work with you to capture authentic, emotive and real moments of your family.
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FINE ART/portrait:
All portrait sessions last for around 2 hours, allowing us to move through a few changes of outfit, and guiding you through each pose. All fine art portraits are created in Jacinta Studios and the sessions focus on poise, expression and conveying the emotion of each subject. I’m quite famous for whipping-up something creative on the spur of the moment so be prepared for a surprise!

Do our photos have to go online?

We love to share sneak peaks from our session as we know how much you cannot wait to see the results from your session! But we do understand that there are circumstances were you need your images off social media, which is completely fine, all we request is that you let us know before your session takes place refrain from posting anything on social media, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during each step of your photography experience. We also offer an option of still posting your sneak peeks but without any details/names being shared, this particularly works for newborn sessions.

What should we wear?

As far as clothing, keep it simple. Throw in a little colour if you’d like, think layers patterns and textures that will complement each other, accessories like a hat, scarf, vest as this will add a golden touch to your images, avoid the busy patterns and please don’t feel the need to match everyone in white shirts. Choose colours and styles that coordinate with the choice of your outfits and the location we are heading too. Avoid logo or branded clothing as this will date and take away from your family. Your wardrobe must reflect you, if you love what you’re wearing that confidence will shine through your imagery.
Importantly make sure your kids like what they are wearing, and that the clothes fit perfectly. They should also feel comfortable wearing the outfit you chose for them, especially the shoes. If your daughter doesn’t like wearing dresses, don’t force her to wear one for picture day. If your son thinks that suspenders or a bowtie is uncomfortable, don’t make him wear those. Happy kids make for happy photos! Before our session takes place, Jacinta studios will send you a full guide in colour combinations that work best for different seasons and styles.
For newborn sessions keep it very basic like a plain cream/black t-shirts, or something flowy and comfortable for Mum, fitted dresses also work very well in newborn images, but don’t panic Jacinta Studios has clothing items on hand for both Mum and Dad.

What’s the bad weather plan?

We all know Melbourne is known for 4 seasons in one day, it is quite common to start the day with full sunshine and before you know it the heavens have opened up. Days before your session we look closely into what the weather Gods are reporting if it looks like mother nature is not on our side we will get in contact ASAP and offer you the option to re-schedule, some clients though, wish to stick to their plan and are not worried of a possible downpour as this can also add to the atmosphere of your session, the choice is completely yours!

Do you offer digital files on USB?

Yes we certainly do, with every piece of art work/albums we gift you the matching digital file complimentary. Jacinta studios is a full service experience, the best part of our journey is handing over your heirloom products on delivery day, we want you to only ever walk away with a bespoke product at the highest quality All our products are professionally manufactured using only the finest materials that truly stand the test of time, we have however also tailored digital collections some of our clients wish to also purchase as we understand you may wish to print off images for your friends and family.

We’ve had our session, what happens next?

After the session you’ll return to the studio to view your gallery slideshow. The viewing takes place approximately 2-3 weeks after your session.
During the session we’ll discuss wall art, your home’s décor and what you plan to do with your photographs.
To help you visualise your artwork in your home, I’ll design wall concepts and albums to make the decision-making process easier on you.
Your beautiful artwork will be ready for collection approximately 3 weeks after the final payment I made.

What is a design consultation?

Design Consultations are held in the comfort of my studio where you’ll view your gallery of images for the first time.
Your Design Consultation is your time to select the prints and products you would like from your session, so it is really important that all decision makers are present.
Starting with a beautiful slideshow, together we will work to select your favourite images and create your wall art for your home.
If you would like a full copy of my print and product purchasing guide, please get in touch.

How long will our prints and products take?

Depending on what type of art work you have purchased. Art work can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Each and every products is hand crafted from one of our Australian suppliers or our leather albums are manufactured in New Zealand, if you are at all in a rush for a certain product due to a birthday gift/mother’s day/Christmas etc etc, please let me know well in advance so we can chat to our suppliers to see if it is possible to put a rush on your order, this may offer an express fee. We advise into account our delivery times when booking your session

How do I pay?

It is easy as pie, at the time of booking your session you will receive an email with a direct link to pay your initial investment/session fee on line. No further payment is needed until your design consultation where you will decide on your purchases.

On your design consultation full payment is due either by Cash/Credit card. We also offer the option of PayRight, this option is available for purchases over $2,000.
50% deposit is due upfront on your design consultation and the balance is payable directly to PayRight either fortnightly or monthly over a period between 2mths – 12mths

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do through PayRight, Interest Free payment plans are available on orders of $2,000 or more. 50% of your order is due upfront at your design consultation, with the remaining balance being paid directly to PayRight either by fortnightly or monthly instalments over a choice of anywhere between 2mths and 12mths. We can set you up on the spot with PayRight on our design consultation if you decide to use this option.

How do we book a session?

I have you covered! Fill in your details below and we will be in contact! Alternatively if you wish to get straight to it you can call me directly on 0410521484 and we will book you straight in! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram! I cannot wait to hear from you!

Cint x