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Does your audience know who you are? Or as you hiding behind your computer too scared to show your face? One of the most important parts of any business is being able to connect with the creator.  How can you connect with your audience if they don’t know what you look like?

You know you need them…. Photos of you looking confident, strong, fun, energetic, passionate, glamorous, intelligent, what ever it may be, as a Melbourne personal branding photographer that is what I am here for!

Now I know your nervous, trust me I am the first to say I am not confident in front of the lens! Yet our audience craves to connect with us on a deeper level, we all know we engage more when we share ourselves to our audience.  I am here to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens!

Personal branding can be used on multiple platforms, starting from your email signature, your website, your documents, speaking engagements, books, social media, the list goes on!

What are you waiting for, bite the bullet and lets get cracking on creating all your content to help your business sore!

Where are you located?

Jacinta Studios is located in Hillside Victoria, 24km North West of Melbourne CBD

When to book

Depending on what type of personal branding session you are looking for will determine how far out we need to book, if it is a quick set of head shots to update your employees on the website, I would book with a least a week in advance.  If we wish to plan something on site within your own business location, lets plan it properly and give ourselves at least 3 weeks to go through all our ideas.

Where does your session take place?

Personal branding sessions take place at Jacinta Studios located in Hillside Melbourne.  If you wish to have more of a natural approach to your branding and looking for on sight imagery we can organise that also.

What to wear? Are outfits included?

I am here to guide you in your wardrobe attire into what type of clothing choices will best represent your business.  We will discuss all these options on our pre-consultation consult.


Single image:  $150 (Per person)

15 minute session, 1 wardrobe choice and favourite image chosen on the day then emailed direct to you.

Collection of 5:  $450 (per person)

30 minute session 2-3 wardrobe choices, favourite 5 images emailed direct to you.

For multiple employee head shots please contact for a quote.

READY TO BOOK? Click the link below and fill in your details and we will be in touch! Alternatively if you can’t wait you can contact us via phone 0410521484

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