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Hello and welcome to Jacinta Studios,

Thank you for registering your gift certificate.  We cannot wait to capture timeless memories of your family.

We will be in contact very soon to book in your own photography experience.  For now here is some information about Jacinta Studios.

Jacinta is one of Melbourne’s leading  photographers and is recognised world wide for her award winning work. With over 10 years experience in capturing countless families along the way.  Jacinta is the first IVF twin born in Melbourne and at the age of 16 was told she would have a slim chance of having children herself.  Fast forward too today she is blessed with 4 children.

Growing up knowing the journey her parents went on for 9 years trying to conceive she has an understanding and true passion for those going through the IVF journey.

In 2015 she realised the true meaning behind ” If you don’t think photos are important, wait until that is all you have left” Think about that for a second… What is the first thing you think of in an emergency? Or even if your house was about to burn down? The one thing you that means more to you than anything else you own?? Photos, memories right?

On that very bleak day in June 2015 when she found out her husband was in for the fight of his life being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, having no idea of path in front of them.  The first thing she realised she did not own was “A family portrait!” Yep we never think of these things sadly until it may be too late.   After 2 years of fighting, her husband is standing strong today, and totally kicked C in the butt!  But the point to the story is… Memories are priceless!  In years to come when that is all that is left, they will be your most prized possession.